IT Decommissioning & Relocating

Whether your business is expanding, reducing, or simply relocating, maintaining smooth IT operations throughout this transitional period should be high on your agenda. With BSNIT's dedicated IT decommissioning and IT relocating services, your move will be hassle-free!

We will get your systems up and running in the new workplace with minimal downtime and optimal care. Find out how your business can benefit by calling our experts today!

A Comprehensive IT Decommissioning & Relocation Service

Here at BSNIT, we don't just understand computers. We also understand business owners and their need for quick, reliable, and professional services that will move sensitive equipment in the most effective way possible.

Working directly with your IT group, moving company, or building management team, we will deliver a full and thorough service that reduces downtime. It will include the following steps:

While at current Location:

Properly Shutdown your computers
Disconnect all wires / cables
Collect all peripherals
Confirm all items against the checklist
Package all items in a sealed parcel
Number parcel with provided ID

Once at Destination:

Unbox and double-check all items
Setup each system
Boot into preferred OS
Scan and test each system
Match other items against the checklist
Remove all packaging material

Each stage of the process is handled by our experienced professionals who offer secure IT decommissioning and relocation of full IT systems. Our experts also document every asset to give you optimal peace of mind.

IT Relocation For All Relevant Products

When completing a business relocation, you need to know that your tech hardware is in safe hands. We have helped hundreds of companies with their moves and can support yours too.

Typically moved items include; Servers, Computers, Printers, Copiers, Monitors, Computer mice, Keyboards, Peripherals, Routers, Switches, UPS, Racks, Patch panels, Phone Systems, and more. Whether it's cabling or delicate items, the right type of care will be implemented at all times.

Our highly skilled tech packing teams will use the best methods, materials, and meticulous detailing to deliver the results you deserve. Contact us to book us for your IT relocation today.
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